Next Web & Speck: June, 27th

Hi folks,

this time we’ll have a very exciting talks by a self-described startup inside GE, a global corporate 300k+ employees and a startup with ten employees.

In the first talk Martin Häusler of Txture will introduce us to graph databases and how their are used to model global IT infrastructure at Txture’s clients.

In the second talk Moritz Fröhlich and Christoph Fröschl of GE will introduce their technology stack that is used to monitor and analyze thousands of IoT devices across the globe.

Talk 1

Graph Databases - An Introduction
by Martin Häusler (


Are you tired of SQL Databases with ever-growing schemas? Do you find yourself caught up in networks of foreign keys and constraints? Or do you simply want to have a look at the latest database technology? Then this talk is for you! We will look at the basic concepts of graph databases, how to query them and what their unique advantages over other NoSQL stores are. We will cover both Gremlin and Cypher, which are two very different query languages for your graphs. After this talk, you will be able to put a graph database to use in your own application!


Martin Häusler is the lead backend architect of the B2B SaaS startup and a PhD candidate in computer science at the University of Innsbruck. He is a regular speaker at international data science and database conferences and a strong proponent of high quality test-driven software development.

Talk 2

Running A Software Startup Inside A Global Corporation
by Moritz Fröhlich (General Electric) and
Christoph Fröschl (General Electric)


We would like to provide an insight what it means to start a software business in an industrial corporate. We built a fully scalable and flexible IIoT solution connecting thousands of assets around the globe to utilize the power of big data through predictive analytics. You will see what we have developed, how we operate and what the capabilities are. At the end, we would like to go through live demos of how to run analytics with Spring Cloud and how users can leverage functionality.


Moritz Froehlich
Moritz is Global Engineering Leader for Software and Data Science at GE. He started in the software world as program manager for condition based maintenance and over the last years, he was building a world class digital team in Jenbach to drive the digital industrial transformation for Distributed Power assets.

Christoph Froeschl
Christoph is Chief Software Architect and Consulting Engineer for Software at GE. He was working as software developer and team leader in the DACH region and in London before he joined GE in 2010. As Chief Software Architect he is responsible for our cloud based IIoT solution and is leading the software development for the business.

We are looking forward to see you all at the WEI SRAUM.

The Web & Speck team!