Design vs. Development?! Edition

Hi all,

we are back in hot summer with a web & speck addition where we focus on the collaboration between design and development again.

We have three speakers this time.

Talk 1: Web & Specks own Laura Vidal of

Why can't we be friends? How developers and designers can work together to deliver the best outcome


The relationship between design and development teams is sometimes complicated. In this talk we'll see how they can learn to work better together (instead of against each other) and how this can have a positive impact in the products being developed.

Talk 2: Stefan & Florian Lechleitner of

How we continuously boost our Brolaboration or „Driven by my ambitions, desire higher positions“ - 2Pac


Beside a lot of passion and enthusiasm we had no idea on how to get stuff done when we started our business back in 2014. Using different approaches to boost our efficiency we steadily increased our workflow and way of communication. In this talk we want to share some insights on how we collaborate internally, communicate with freelancers and talk to clients.

We are sure that there will be lots of discussion going on!

See you on the 27th!