19th of October 2016, 6:30PM @WEI SRAUM

The next meetup will be hosted in the WEI SRAUM with two amazing international speakers.

Talk #1

Code quality tools for web developers

While you can still write great code in a plain text editor, there exists a wide range of tools that can really help you to ensure high quality of your code. In this talk I’ll give an overview of popular tools like ESLint, JSHint or Flow which check your JavaScript code for possible errors and code style issues. We’ll see how these tools can be set up, used in text editors, configured as part of a build process and what an IDE like WebStorm can bring to the table.

Ekaterina Prigara, Jetbrains

Talk #2

Convert water into wine – or just call it UX Design!

Maria Kolitsch, mohemian



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