Spring time Web & Speck, April 11th

Hey friends,
finally we are back with the spring edition of Web & Speck in 2018.

Besides revealing the results of our community survey we will also have two awesome talks by our very own Daniel Egger on JSON Web Tokens and a talk by David Obwaller on creating your own custom development and debugging tools.

The Web & Speck team is looking forward to see you at 6:30pm inthe WEI SRAUM, Andreas Hofer Str.27.

Talk #1

Using the Toolbox - by David Obwaller

This talk is based on my personal experiences in creating custom development and debugging tools for various purposes.
Following the keep-it-simple principle, and by reusing and recombining utilities already available on most Unix-like systems, it's often faster to roll your own instead of looking for and trying to apply an existing solution.
In spite of wide availability of specialised tools for all kinds of purposes, I'm convinced that the do-it-yourself approach does not only yield fun exercises, but also let's you gain better insight into the technology stacks that are used and ultimately the problem at hand.
In this talk I'll provide some examples in the context of web development and will try to encourage you to build custom tools that exactly serve your needs.


David is CS student and has worked in web development and iOS app development. Besides being an avid command-line user and has an interest in the history of computing. He also enjoys collecting and listening to music of many styles.

Talk #2

Securing the Web: With JSON Web Tokens? - by Daniel Egger


Daniel currently finishes his master degree in Computers Science and works as a mobile engineer @ mohemian.com