5th of December, 6:30PM @ WEI SRAUM

All that glimmers is gold!

Hey folks! Get ready for the last Web&Speck of 2017. This edition will be all about shiny technology and startup topics.

Talk #1

Feel the Glimmer by Marco Otte-Witte
Dive deep into the internals of the Glimmer VM, show how its powers can be leveraged via Glimmer.js and explain what benefits TypeScript that both are written in provides.

Marco is the founder of www.simplabs.com, a consultancy based in Munich specializing in Ember.js and Elixir/Phoenix.

Talk #2

Bootstrapping a successful business: lessons learned from www.cropster.com, by Martin Wiesinger
Martin, CTO of Cropster, will share with us his experience of founding and growing Cropster.

Drinks and snacks are provided as usual. We look forward to seeing you!