Next Web & Speck: 22nd of November

Hi folks,

after our summer break we are back with an exciting Meetup. We will learn about progressive web apps and munch on the "UX Butterbrot"!

The Web & Speck team is looking forward to see you soon.
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Talk 1

UX Butterbrot - The Basics of User Experience Design

by Josef Mayerhofer of Empatic UX

Usability, user journey, user research: UX design is all about empathising with users in order to create useful, delightful products. Creating the UX Butterbrot for your team requires just a few methods and the right mindset. So simple but so deliciously effective.

Josef is Founder of Empatic – UX Strategy and lecturer at Technikum Wien University of applied sciences.

Talk 2

Progressive Web Apps

by Clemens Henökl of advokat

Recently, Google is strongly encouraging developers and businesses to dive into the topic of Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s) since they provide good opportunities for quicker development and easier distribution to customers. Therefore, browsers such as Chrome are equipped with built-in functionalities which enhance the user experience and blurs the line between web and native applications. During this talk we are going to evaluate PWA’s, their advantages and drawbacks as well as their areas of application. Furthermore, we will explore the development process and the technical details referred to a good practice by Google, to get ready for practical development.

- Full stack web developer and team leader at ADVOKAT Unternehmensberatung GREITER & GREITER GmbH - Responsible for, which serves as a platform for legal documents, knowledge exchange and structured legal research. - Master’s degree at the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) in the program of Management, Communication & IT - Master’s degree at the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) in the program of Management Information Systems

We are looking forward to see you all at the WEI SRAUM.

The Web & Speck team!