19th of January, @ WEI SRAUM

Hey Web-Folk,
we hope you all had a nice transition into this new year, full excitement about what's to come!

So one of the first things this year is a new another Web & Speck. This time we'll go back to the roots and have a techy and one not so techy talk.

The not so techy talk

This talk will be held by Paul Oppitz of the promising startup www.fab-atelier.com, who are based in the Werkst├Ątte Wattens (www.werkstaette-wattens.at)


Building an high-performance software team


Successful software development does not need technical talent only. It helps a lot, but there is much more if you want to build up a software team which continuously develops innovative and fitting solutions on the long run. The following steps applied with care get your team going:
* Provide a culture of openness, trust and excellence
* Listen to the customer, start small and serve the purpose
* Implement agile methods with (bi-)weekly sprints
* Foster implicit team knowledge and skill sharing


Paul Opitz studied linguistics, education, computer science and innovation studies. Loves combining all these insights for a greater and wider perspective.
Currently software developer and CTO at Fab Atelier

The techy talk

This talk will be held by Jacob Rief. He is a freelance Web application developer with a strong focus on Open Source Software contributions and maintains several popular Django-Github repositories.


Django is a very popular Web framework, written in Python. It is used by thousands of sites around the globe, for instance National Geographic, the Mozilla Foundation and Instagram. Django-CMS is the most popular content management system built upon Django. It can be used as a standalone CMS, or integrated into existing Django applications. DjangoCMS-Cascade is an ecosystem of plugins for Django-CMS, created for Web designers embracing the concepts of Model View Control in combination with Atomic Web Design. Atomic Web Design starts from the bottom by defining the look and feel of icons, input fields and navigation elements. This talk is how a component based system such as Cascade can be used to compose DOM elements, making modern Web design much more reusable than it used to be.


Jacob Rief is a freelance Web application developer with a strong focus on Open Source Software contributions. On GitHub, he maintains a dozen of popular Django applications, for instance the e-commerce framework django-SHOP.

As always we are very grateful for our sponsors www.cropster.org www.mohemian.com and as well as our host the WEI SRAUM.