Next Web & Speck: 22nd of November

Hi folks, after our summer break we are back with an exciting Meetup. We will learn about progressive web apps and munch on the "UX Butterbrot"! The Web & Speck team is looking forward to see you soon. Please share! Talk 1 UX Butterbrot - The Basics of User Experience Design by Josef Mayerhofer of Empatic UX Abstract Usability, user journey, user research: UX design is all about empathising with users in •••

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News from the speck

After the summer break the speck is back with some great news! We have two new team members @dnlggr and @jnnksbrt. They already helped us a lot with setting up this new website. Two meetups with very interesting speakers are already planned for October and December this year that we will shortly post about. We finally decided to make a deal with the devil and set up a Facebook page so we •••


web&speck is a community of (web) developers, designers, tech-enthusiasts and tech-startups in Innsbruck. We aim to bring the local scene together in a relaxed atmosphere to exchange knowledge, collaborate and have fun. Above all we want to do our part in making Innsbruck a great and welcoming place to work in the design, development and startup space.

You would like to contribute or have a job listing that we should post? Just contact one of the organisers below.


Daniel Egger, @dnlggr
Matthias Farwick, @frwck
Jannik Siebert, @jnnksbrt
Hardy Titz
Laura Vidal, @holamon
Martin Wiesinger
Mike Wolf, @xi_berger